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Megaranger 01 SA Edit

RAW: Subs:     Well, this feels familiar. Yesterday I looked over my episode 1 script and was disgusted by it. bad timing, horrible sentences. How did you guys watch it? It’s trash. So I fixed it. Actually … Continue reading

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[Over-Time] Pirate Sentai Gokaiger Ep 39 I helped the amazing people at OT to make sure that this episode of Gokaiger was 100% Mega. The only real big change I made was Battle Riser to Battle Rizer. It’s a personal choice but I believe it … Continue reading

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Megaranger Full Theme Song Translation

Mega thanks go ot Magenta from OverTime/Aesir for translating this for me.   Denji Sentai Megaranger- Naoto Fuga We’re gonna go surfin’ across the shining waves of the net Wasting the hours away is such a great feeling! But suddenly … Continue reading

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Megaranger 09 + Aikawa Nanase PV

Megaranger 09: RAW: Subs:   Story after the bump!

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Decade 04

I actually did not sub this episode. I’m not lying. Sgtkira from Hikari-Senshi did (although he won’t admit it). Story after the bump. Subs: RAW: Removed.

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