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Zyuranger 21

Torrent Patch MP4 AVI Dragon Caesar! What more do I need to say? When I first saw Zyuranger I was blown away when I watched this. It’s got everything I love in a Toku. Great effects, a giant monster, lot’s … Continue reading

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Zyuranger 20

Torrent Patch MP4 AVI Bandora’s plan to destroy DaiZyuJin starts to come together! Will she succeed? Or will the Zyuranger triumph and win over evil? There’s only one way to find out! (Or you could just wikipedia the answer, cheaters) … Continue reading

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Zyuranger 19

  Torrent Patch MP4 – AVI – In this episode Bandora recruits the Scorpion Warrior Lami to further strengthen her army, the Zyurangers race to retrieve those Dinosaur Eggs (Again!), there’s some dancing, and Burai just doesn’t care … Continue reading

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Song Translation: Ai ga Tomaranai (Love Can’t be Stopped)

Once again another translation form GekiKnight! But, wait, this is for a movie I haven’t done yet. Or have I? “Love Can’t Be Stopped (Ai ga Tomaranai)” Now smash through the glass wall blocking the way to tomorrow. Find a … Continue reading

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Song Translation: The Next Decade

Another translation done by GekiKnight (He’s addicted, he needs help). Expect the music video sometime in the next millennium. Song   You’re all lined up, ready for the chase. Don’t hesitate or you’ll lose, the race’s already begun. You break into … Continue reading

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Zyuranger 18

Torrent Patch MP4 – AVI – I think we can all agree that the last episode was pretty damn epic. Can this one up the ante? Of course! In fact it only goes up from here (your experience may differ). … Continue reading

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