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Zyuranger 32

Torrent Patch MP4 AVI Here’s your weekly dose of Zyuranger, now with a new eyecatch and an updated OP (minus Burai)! The opening is really nice with all the Guardian Beasts (In stores now), same goes for the second eyecatch … Continue reading

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Decade 1-9 DVD9 & Journey through the Decade

Torrent Patches JTTD Patches Scripts Decade Folder for Mediafire And Episode 3 AVI (as it was over 200MB) Here’s Decade 1-9¬† with the new DVD9 raws (you can find them on nyaa if you want to use the patches). A … Continue reading

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Robo: Medarot! Here’s a project I’m involved in as part of the new sub group Robo. Go and check it out and get your Robottle on!

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Zyuranger 31

Torrent Patch MP4 AVI The time has come to fight Satan! But first our heroes must go on a quest to discover themselves (No really). This involves a brief visit to a place called “America Camp Village”. It’s a blatant … Continue reading

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Denji Sentai Megaranger RAWs

Torrent Here’s the brand new set of raws I’ll be using for my upcoming releases. They’re all DVD9 so unless Toei throw BluRays out of nowhere then we won’t be changing raws again. You don’t have to download these but … Continue reading

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MegaRanger 1-20 (Again!)

Torrent¬† Patch Scripts Mediafire Folder Like I said in the episode 20 release post, we’ve got DVD9 raws now. So here’s a torrent for Mega 1-20 DVD9. No changes from the last torrent (except the picture quality and some added … Continue reading

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Zyuranger 30

  Torrent Patch MP4 AVI This episode is just pure nightmare fuel. Bandora levels up and learns the ultimate dark magic summoning skill, and DoraFranken goes from a cheap suit to “OH GOD WHAT IS THAT!?” We also have bleeding … Continue reading

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